Save Big Money in the Big City

Whether you are embarking on a journey of a lifetime, moving to the big city, or simply visiting for a few days, you must know that there are numerous ways to save cash while enjoying the benefits of living in the city. This article will explore a couple of ways you can save money while staying in a big city.

Get a Roommate

Of course, this only applies to those who are making the big move. To find a roommate means that you can cut down on your monthly payments while possibly making the place nicer compared to when you’re on your own. In some cities, it could be impossible to get a place “downtown” or even nearby without having an extremely high salary or by being willing to find a roommate or two.

For those who are just visiting for a couple of days, the same theory applies. Travelling as a group splits costs and may qualify you for group rates. Furthermore, there are also a number of websites that are devoted to helping travellers find apartments, as opposed to hotels when it comes to extended vacations and trips.

Public Transportation

Make smart choices. Taxis may be convenient but are also costly.  You should familiarize yourself with the local bus routes as well as any underground transportation (trains) that are available to you.  If you will be staying longer, buy a multi-ride ticket as opposed to individual purchases as these help you save time and money in the long run. Whenever possible, walk. This is one of the biggest perks of living in a big city – you can get the things you need by walking a couple of blocks.

Free entertainment

Major cities showcase cultural experiences and most of them are for free.  Think of movies in the park, Sunday museums, gallery openings, and local sporting events.  See the sights and hear the sounds for free by researching the city’s websites.  Most of these sites have calendars that list upcoming events, and are usually free to the public.

Part time job

A part time job shouldn’t just have to be for the money or to help manage your big-city costs. Many individuals work because of a specific perk that it provides.  Working in gym could save you the membership fee. Scoring a job at a clothing store also scores you free and discounted clothes.

Free Wi-Fi

Libraries, coffee shops, ball-parks – many big cities have Wi-Fi everywhere.  Thus, you should take advantage of it while you are out and about.  You may find that between having internet access at work and outside in the city, you could actually forgo your internet bill.