10 Ways to Save while Eating Out

Many advise that preparing your own meals is a good way to save money. However, we can’t get away from restaurants completely. Here are some tips on how to keep the bill at a reasonable amount that won’t hurt your budget.

 Split the bill.

There are restaurants that serve bigger portions than the others. By sharing a meal with someone, you don’t have to eat as much, and it is much easier on your wallet.

 Fill yourself up on freebies.

There are also restaurants that serve complementary food while ordering and waiting. It may be chips and salsa, breadsticks, soup, or salad that can easily fill you up, in which you can order less.

 Avoid appetizers.

Appetizers can cost almost as much as a main dish – and these are usually light food that won’t fill you up. If eating out in a restaurant that gives freebies, go for those instead – most of these freebies are found in the appetizer menu as well.

 Keep it simple.

Usually, the more basic recipes in the list are the cheapest. Hence, go for the basic burrito, club sandwich, pasta marinara, or other ‘simpler’ food to score the best deals.

 Skip the booze.

Restaurants place a huge mark-up on alcohol. If you must, try to stay away from cocktail drinks – go for the bottle of beer as these are usually the cheapest in the menu.

 Use Your Coupons

Promotions and discounts through coupons are one of the best ways to save while eating out. It could slash half the price off, or give you a free appetizer – restaurants have managed to turn these coupons to a marketing strategy. However, these coupons have fine prints – and it is best that you read and understand to know exactly what the deal is.

 Take leftovers.

Many just leave their leftovers when they leave the restaurant. Don’t do this. Not only are you wasting money, you are also throwing away tomorrow morning’s breakfast.

 Order the recipe of the day.

Many restaurants have daily specials – which help attract customers during slower times. These usually come with complementary extras – drinks, sides, or desserts. Think about getting two for the price of one.

 Use your gift cards

People like giving other gift cards regardless if there is an occasion or not. If you do, take advantage of a free meal. Always place them somewhere where you can always see them, as these usually tend to be forgotten and end up expiring.

 Eat on your birthday

Many restaurants don’t charge the birthday boy or girl if he or she celebrates with them. They even give a free slice of cake and a cheerful birthday song.